Editorial Services

I am delighted to offer a range of editorial packages, including critiques, literary and technical copy editing, and proofreading.


Education & Experience

I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and studied in the Editing program at Simon Fraser University. As a lifelong learner, I continue to attend conferences and workshops on both writing and editing.

As co-editor-in-chief of a small press, I am involved with many stages of the publication process. Although I enjoy tackling one level of editing at a time, my feedback tends toward the holistic. Come for the critique, stay for the copy edits!

My work as a haiku poet has taught me that concision and brevity are key. I wield all necessary editorial tools, from the sword to the scalpel to the tweezers. But have no fear — seldom does a story require the sledgehammer!


Just wanted to thank you for the critique; it was both insightful and helpful. … I feel that in-depth critiques are extremely valuable to writers, and are not easy to come by these days, so thanks again.
~ Jill M.

I just want to say I’m so grateful to have had your expertise with these line notes and edits. I was stunned and pleased with so many of the proposed edits, which I think have made this story so much stronger and sharper. … Thank you thank you thank you for all your time and thoughtfulness and effort.
~ Alex K.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I went over your comments carefully and made quite a few changes. As before, your suggestions have been extremely helpful and are very welcome.
~ Christine B.

Thank you, Geneviève, there are so many great comments to work with in your critique. I have a good story on my hands, and now I can make it better.
~ Duncan H.

Thank you, Genevieve! Your edits are amazing. I appreciate the opportunity to make this story the best it can be.
~ Sylvia L.

Thank you so much for these suggestions. They are very clear and I could see I didn’t manage to capture [a fundamental theme] as much as I could in the story. … I greatly appreciate your help. And I’m really glad you liked the story as well.
~ Laura K.

I appreciate the time & effort you put into these critiques and I can already see ways to improve my story.
~ Karen B.

Thank you so much for your critique of my story! I agree with you on all points. I’m going to take some time to [think] this all this over before I rewrite. I think I can use some of your points to self-edit some of my other writing … . I can see in my head an easier and better way to tell this story. … Thanks again so much! I am sure you will hear from me again. 
~ Nirushan S.

Thank you again for critiquing these stories. I applied your comments to [one of the pieces] and that story has now been accepted for publication.
~ Megan S.

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