Geneviève Wynand is a writer and poet with work in print, online, and yet to be. She has won a few contests, but is reluctant to call herself an ‘award-winning poet’. But if you’d like to, she won’t stop you!

Geneviève lives tucked up against a rainforest in British Columbia, and is an editor for Pulp Literature. She’ll emerge from her writer’s cave when tempted with coffee, books, or the occasional yoga class.

You can visit her at her much-neglected Twitter page, read her posts on the Pulp Literature blog, or listen in while she chats with her fellow editors on The Pulp Lit Pulpit podcast. And if you like to read editorials, well, she’s written a few of those as well.

We write to taste life twice:
in the moment and in retrospect.
~ Anaïs Nin