Interviews & Overviews

‘Life Is a Planet’ ~ Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Fall 2022, Vol 32.1, article by Clark Strand; with commentary on ‘sonogram photos’; also available in print

‘Gender Issues: Sexual Abuse in Haiku’ ~ tsuri-dōrō – a small journal of haiku and senryū, 2022, article by Dee Evetts; with commentary on ‘salt wind’

‘Initial Observations Part 1: Food Kigo’ ~ The Culinary Saijiki, May 10, 2022; with commentary on ‘sugar maple’

‘2021 Sakura at Home: Christopher Gaze Haiku Readings’ ~ a reading of the 2020 VCBF winning poems, by Christopher Gaze; with ‘cherry blossoms fall’

‘The Joy, Tragedy, and Promise of Vancouver’s Spring Cherry Blossoms’ ~ Montecristo Magazine, Spring 2021, interview and article by Kevin Chong

‘Meet Vancouver Haiku Invitational Winner 2020’ ~ Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website, interview by Michael Dylan Welch

‘2020 Haiku Invitational Winners’ ~ a two-minute video montage created by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival; with ‘cherry blossoms fall’

The Pulp Lit Pulpit podcast ~ Where the Pulp Literature editors discuss all things writing, reading, and word wrangling!

I exist in two places,
here and where you are.

~ Margaret Atwood